I was born in Firenze, where I currently live and work, and a town with which I have a sort of strong love/hate relationship.

I obtained my school leaving certificate as a Geometer at Istituto Tecnico per Geometri Gaetano Salvemini di Firenze, and then studied for my degree in Architecture at UniversitÓ degli Studi di Firenze, but I’m feeling an autodidact more for vocation than formation.

Immersed from an early age in the world of drawing, graphics, photography, modelling, Formula 1 cars, aircraft in general (and WWII in particular), during the Eighties, like most of us, for the very first time I approached with fear and excitement, a strange, cream coloured, domestic appliance.

It was an IBM PS/2 - and from that point, my life was never the same again…

In 2002 I managed to combine one of my passions with my working life, when I joined MG Model Plus, a high-quality model car manufacturer, where I am responsible for 2D & 3D design and prototyping of the new model releases.

In 2008 I start to build my own personal website,  A3D place, to show my skills as a 2D & 3D designer.

Self-critical, always dissatisfied with the results I’ve achieved, I’m always surprised by the real world around me. Ironic and funny – it’s a third person opinion – it worries me that I don’t seem able to smile when my picture is taken…..

Well, this is the end of the semi-humorous part of my presentation. If you are interested in knowing something more about me, you can download my CV as a PDF.

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